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The Magical Panda is classically trained in the Art and Science of Building Quality, Handcrafted Applications for iOS and Mac. The Magical Panda is passionate about designing and building iOS and Mac applications people love to use. The Magical Panda has delivered many apps to the AppStore, and he can help you too.

Saul Mora is the founder of Magical Panda. Saul generously shares his experience and knowledge with the world wide Mac, iOS and Cocoa development community.


The Magical Panda has built these fine apps, for clients, available now on the AppStore.


By MyVoice, Inc.

Rocket Keys is an amazingly customizable talking keyboard for people with speech disabilities. This powerful app lets you build the perfect keyboard by choosing the exact keys, size, layout, colors, prediction, and voices you want. And because RocketKeys understands touch input from users with unsteady or imprecise hands, it is very physically accessible.

Medallion Sidekick

By Medallion Press, Inc.

MMG Sidekick is an e-reader that gives you access to shop and read Medallion’s entire library of fiction and nonfiction titles from anywhere. You can even load your favorite non-DRM e-books into the reader so you have all your e-book favorites in one place.


Saul has spoken at several developer conferences around the world including 360idev, NSConference, Cocoaconf and MDevcon. Saul's topics range from exploring MacRuby, learning to use Instruments to performance tune apps, to covering the Basics of Core Data to Design Patterns in Cocoa Applications.

Saul also shares his knowledge, and the knowledge and experience of fellow iOS and Mac software developers, on his popular weekly Internet podcast, NSBrief. Topics cover a wide range of subjects of interest to fellow Mac and iOS developers from the latest frameworks to how to successfully run an indie software business.

The Magical Panda also provides free for use in all apps, MagicalRecord, a popular open source library for use with Core Data on iOS and Mac. New libraries are also in the works as the Panda finds solutions to common developer problems. Keep an eye on the Magical Panda's Github Page!